Boxed Anniversary edition of Fahrenheit gets a release date

November 4, 2020 by  
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This year is the 15th anniversary of Quantic Dreams’ Fahrenheit, and a boxed edition of the game is set to be released on PS4 on December 15th to celebrate this milestone.

Inside the box you’ll find the 2016 remaster of the game as well as a high quality artbook. The box will also contain a thank you letter from Cage and his team.

Fahrenheit was first released in 2005 and tells a very intriguing story with multiple playable characters. The narrative pickups with a murder that the killer, Lucas Kane, doesn’t remember committing, and he is obviously left terrified and puzzled by his actions. Things just get murkier from there.

Fahrenheit is of course one of the games that put David Cage and Quantum Dream on their current path of making narrative-based games, which later resulted in the likes of Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls and, most recently, Detroit: Become Human.