Blue Box Game Studios announce new immersive horror game, Abandoned

April 7, 2021 by  
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Abandoned is a new horror survival game by Blue Box Game Studios, and is one that is focused on realism as you try to survive within a forest. You take control of Jason Longfield, who finds he has been kidnapped and taken to the forest for a “dark purpose”.

Described as cinematic, the core of the game is realism and how events affect Jason. Jason will become breathless after sprinting, and when firing a weapons, it will be a lot slower, mimicking how they would work in real life. His accuracy when firing said weapon will also be affected depending on whether he has been running or is afraid. There will be a huge emphasis on decision making and planning, with the game taking advantage of the PS5’s Dualsense Controls and 3D audio.

Hasan Kahraman, Game Director at Blue Box Game Studios said of the controls:

Players will feel each and every interaction during gameplay – such as being struck by a bullet. Pulling the trigger on a loaded or unloaded gun will feel different. Equally 3D audio will help shape your decisions and tactics, using the accurate positioning of gunshots out in the wilds to help decide your next move.

Kahraman also confirmed the game will run at 60fps and will be in 4K, with the graphics as close as possible to real life, smooth animations and minimal loading times. A full gameplay video will be available soon, with Abandoned set to be released in Q4 2021.