BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea Episode 1 Xbox 360 Review

November 25, 2013 by  
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Publisher: 2K Games  Developer: Irrational Games  Genre: FPS  Players: 1  Age Rating: 16+

Other console/handheld formats: PS3

The question that lots of people may be asking is did we really need a BioShock Infinite expansion? The events of the story saw things tied up by the end, although we all also came to realise that there’s much more to the BioShock universe. With the Burial At Sea Episode 1 downloadable content, we are taken back to the location of the first two games in the series, the underwater city of Rapture.

The expansion once again stars the pairing of Booker and Elizabeth, although this is a slightly different take on the characters in an alternative universe. Elizabeth is the most different of the two, and she has a much sharper tone than previously. Burial At Sea Episode 1 takes place on December 31st, 1958, the eve of Rapture’s downfall, and this is obvious when you first enter the city, with more ordinary folk dotted around the place as opposed to the crazed Splicers. The story manages to intrigue, with Booker and Elizabeth seeking a girl called Sally, and an ending which may very well make you feel thirsty for the second episode.

Still, there’s not really any memorable new characters to speak of, which is disappointing. The story, as good as it is, also doesn’t feel as if it adds very much to the larger BioShock Infinite storyline, and it feels more like a spin-off as opposed to anything else. It’s certainly nice to see a new side to the characters though.

It’s good to be back in Rapture once again, and it’s a reminder as to how very different the underwater city is to Infinite’s Columbia, the city in the sky. You’ll get to explore Rapture before it was brought to ruin, and you’ll get to see areas that you’ve never been before. The city doesn’t quite have the same appeal in such a pristine state and feels less claustrophobic because of this, although it still remains as well realised as ever, and it’s disappointing when the expansion comes to an end after only a short couple of hours of play.

When it comes to how it plays, Burial At Sea Episode 1 offers few surprises. It’s still an FPS that has a better world than it does mechanics, you still get to fire various special abilities (renamed Plasmids here, as we’re back in Rapture, remember?) out of your hand, there’s still gear to find that enhances you, Elizabeth still tosses you supplies when you are running low, tears can be opened up in the environment to bring guns, ammo and health into being, and so on.

But back to the brevity of the experience, even if you manage to seek out everything, and if you are buying it standalone without already owning the Season Pass, Burial At Sea Episode 1 is way too short for its £11.99 asking price. Yes, it’s enjoyable while it lasts, and is really good fan service, but it really doesn’t offer good value for money. All in all then, BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea Episode 1 would be well worth it if it was ever to receive a price drop, but only the biggest of BioShock fans should part with their cash at its current price.