Alan Wake Publishing Rights back with Remedy

July 1, 2019 by  
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More Alan Wake games could be on the horizon after the publishing rights to the game has now been reverted back to Remedy Entertainment.

The IP was originally held by Microsoft, meaning the sequel would have been an Xbox and PC exclusive.

The publisher had been previously working on an Alan Wake 2 “years ago”, but things just didn’t “pan out”, thanks to time constraints.

“I see you have the IP back. How about a sequel?”

Remedy have worked on games such as Max Payne and Quantum Break, and are currently working on Control, a supernatural action-adventure in which players take control of agent Jesse Faden, who works for the secret Federal Bureau of Control, whose aim is to combat supernatural enemy forces.

Remedy are also working on the single player portion of Crossfire HD and Crossfire 2, a free-to-play tactical FPS by Korean developers, Smilegate.

Remedy also have a small development team called Vanguard, whose goal is “to make groundbreaking video games that uphold the Remedy Entertainment name.”

So if there’s ever to be an Alan Wake 2, we might have a bit of a wait yet.