AEW game under development at Yukes, first trailer inside

November 11, 2020 by  
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Former long time WWE games developer Yukes are behind the development of the first console game for the rising wrestling company, AEW.

As the below trailer shows, the visuals are currently rather underwhelming, although it’s early days. More positively, there’s some nice animations on display in the trailer.

Hideyuki Iwashita is also involved in the development of the game, which is considering that he was previously involved in the likes of the much loved WWE No Mercy on the N64.

Wrestler Kenny Omega has described the game as easy to pick up but had to master.

It has yet to be revealed when the AEW game will be released, and two AEW mobiles games are due to be released in winter and later next year. With that said, it might be a little while yet before we get our hands on the console game.

Trailer source: IGN