News – Survey on 3D: 70% of Japanese People Not Interested

July 2, 2010 by  
Filed under News have conducted a survey regarding 3D polling 8957 Japanese people, 70% of which weren’t keen on the idea.

Those who aren’t interested cited various issues. Almost 70 per cent don’t like the fact that they have to wear funny glasses to make the 3D magic happen, whilst 40% feel that there is just not currently enough content on offer and finally 57% think the current price is simply too high. No mention in the poll of the hellish headaches it will trigger for some people though.

Regarding the survey Tsuyoshi Kamada, head of’s media-creative section, said this “Television makers’ expectations for 3D are high but looking at the degree of interest among consumers; there is a big gap with the enthusiasm of manufacturers”

Sony is likely to be disappointed at the results as they’re one of the staunch supporters of 3D. But it remains to be seen of just how successful it will be, or what the general reaction to the tech will ultimately be.