News – Enhanced God Eater For The West

July 13, 2010 by  
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God Eater, the previously announced Namco Bandai PSP RPG, is coming to western shores next year, and it’s the best version that we’re getting too; God Eater Burst has various enhancements. There’s the titular Burst Mode, which allows you to increase your stats, as well as much more missions and customisable bullets, amongst other additions and refinements.

For those not in the know, God Eater is along the lines of Monster Hunter, so it’s a multiplayer focussed game that can be played by a possible 4 players, and much of the game is spent fighting huge monsters and collecting shiny loot. In a contrast to Capcom’s game, though, one of God Eater’s focuses is to tell a substantial story and this involves the eponymous God Eater’s, warriors that battle Aragami, a mysterious and powerful creature.