Maize PS4 Review Maize PS4 Review

Us English are known for quite a few quintessential things: cups of tea and cake, cucumber sandwiches, The Royal Family, laughing heartily, fish and chips,... [Read full story]

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When playing VR games it’s always nice to play a traditional experience, with VR giving a different perspective on it, but, like with traditional gaming,... [Read full story]

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Set 60 years from now in a bleak future in which people can be augmented with robotic limb or organ replacements (Deus Ex style), a deadly disease known... [Read full story]

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Absolver soon sets the tone with its haunting and lonely world, and it’s also a world of faceless combatants. The game takes place in the ruined empire... [Read full story]

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The original Nidhogg was a fairly simplistic idea, although it was an unusual game and was also executed remarkably well. As a multiplayer game, it offered... [Read full story]

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You would think that mixing dinosaurs and cowboys would make for a great game, just like how people thought cowboys and aliens would make a great film....... [Read full story]

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It has been eight long years since the release of the seventh instalment in the Ys series, so it goes without saying that fans would have been clamouring... [Read full story]

News: Dead Rising 4 coming to PS4 News: Dead Rising 4 coming to PS4

Capcom have announced today that Dead Rising 4: Frank's Big Package will be heading to the PS4 on 5 December 2017. The package includes the main game as... [Read full story]

News: Sonic Forces finally gets release date News: Sonic Forces finally gets release date

If there is anyone at all still waiting for Sonic Forces, you'll be happy to know that a release date has finally been announced! SEGA has announced Sonic... [Read full story]