Popular Esports Games and Tournaments

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Esports has taken off in a big way, especially in the current climate. Sports betting is on hold for the present, and that’s given Esports a push. Numerous professional tournaments are attracting the crowds online since sporting events are on hold. The quality of online Esports competitions supersedes anything previously available. Esports covers many disciplines with various international tournaments. The North American Major League Gaming stands out, and the World Cyber Games, and the World Esports Games in China among the more prominent ones. The Electronic Sports World Cup, FIFA 20 and the NBA 2k offer prize money that runs into the millions! Let’s take a look at some popular Esports games, shall we?


FIFA 20 is an immensely popular football simulation video game by Electronic Arts and part of the FIFA series. It features VOLTA Football for the very first time, and a new mode providing a variation of the traditional 11v11 gameplay. It focuses on small-sided street football and futsal games. Players have a storyline mode in VOLTA Football, which is with the player’s own characters.


NBA 2K is a high-res basketball simulation game released in 1999 and held every year since then. The game is modelled on the National Basketball Association. Published by Sega Sports initially, and now by 2K Sports, the franchised games are developed by Visual Concepts. There are currently eighteen main instalments on eighteen platforms with several spinoff titles. The NBA 2K series is top-rated in Esports.

Multiplayer Battle Arena – MOBA

MOBA offers a series of games including League of Legends – LOL, Dota 2 and Heroes of the Storm. The games always seem fresh and exciting, no matter how often battles are waged. Betting on these games requires strategy, planning and intelligence. You have to predict which team is triumphant in battle to win the wager.

Dota 2

Dota 2, Defense of the Ancients is one of the most popular Esports games at tournaments. The International is Valve’s Premier Dota 2 Tournament, and it continues to break attendance records. The International has broken records for the highest Esports tournament cash prize of US$24 million! The tournament has awarded many players over US$1 million and has a viewership of more than 5 million!

League of Legends

League of Legend is a fan favourite, paying out over US$30 million in competition prizes. The Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game has several professional teams and players competing against each other in battle. LOL is one of the most popular, competitive Esports games in the world. Since 2009, it has become the Holy Grail of Esports The yearly LOL tournament called the World Championship, is regularly hosted by Riot Games. Attracting almost 60 million viewers, LOL is undoubtedly one of the most popular MOBA tournament games.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is another popular eSport. It is a fast-paced shooter game first released in 2012. There are numerous prestigious tournaments for CS: GO, including the ELeague which takes place in different states. The ELeague Major grand finals are streamed on Twitch, and viewership regularly reaches 4 million. The PGL Major is another popular CS: GO competition that can provide lavish payouts for betting on the winning team. The competitive and aggressive nature of CS: GO makes it a must for Esports fans.


Overwatch is a shooter combat game involving two teams of six players each. Players choose a unique character from several options, and each group of heroes has varying styles of movement, skills and special abilities. The characters all have different roles and challenges to face. The four categories are Offense, Defense, Attack and Support. The Overwatch League Season One takes place in the held USA and is the most prestigious North American Esports event. It attacks millions of viewers and pays out millions in prize money! The Overwatch League is streaming on popular platforms like Twitch.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty started the soldier-simulator Esports trend. It has an interactive, multiplayer form where players attempt to gun down each other during one of the many game modes. Call of Duty has 15 and four arcs. It is adaptable and enjoyable due to its diversity. The Call of Duty World League Championship is the most significant Esports event. Past editions have paid out record-breaking prizes, and the competition is streamed live.

Esports and Real Sports

Esports games and competitions are getting better by the month, and have turned into a life-saver for sports bettors. FIFA 20 is just as exciting as real sports. Betting sites are offering many betting options and attractive odds. Whether you like football or basketball or perhaps a shooter game, betting on Esports has grabbed the imagination of sports fans everywhere.