News – Xbox One Unveiled

May 25, 2013 by  
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Microsoft has revealed the successor to the Xbox 360. The system is called Xbox One and is launching worldwide later this year.

Whilst there’s an emphasis on cloud connectivity, the console won’t always have to be connected to the internet, as was often rumoured. This for many will be a relief, though developers are able to make use of external servers, allowing them to boost the performance of the console, which means whilst playing such games you’ll likely have to remain connected.

In terms of power, the Xbox One features an AMD processor that is eight times times quicker than the Xbox 360, 8GB of RAM, a 500GB HDD, a Blu-Ray drive with 4k capabilities, a wireless protocol that will help to reduce latency and a gigabit ethernet.

The console will have both a classic style controller and the divisive Kinect control scheme. The controller has much the same layout as the Xbox 360 version, though the Back and start buttons are gone and have been replaced by apps and play/pause buttons, whilst the battery pack has been moved. Rumble has been added to the triggers and there’s a microUSB port for charging.

Meanwhile, the Xbox One Kinect is a much more advanced version of its predecessor and will come packaged with every console. It has a 60% better range of vision than previously, far better voice recognition technology, Active IR to help prevent light interfering and up to six skeletons can be tracked at a time, which is a big leap from the original versions two.

With Kinect, you’re also able to control television to turn the TV on, switch channels, instantly move from games to TV and vice versa, all with the power of your voice. There’s also a snap mode splitscreen interface that will allow you to multi task for instance allowing you to use Skype at the same time that you’re watching a film.

While, Microsoft may have chosen to focus on TV and such, there were some actual games revealed. Forza 5: Motorsport will be a launch title and Remedy are bringing a new IP called Quantum Break, which is described as a multi-layered thriller. As expected Call of Duty: Ghosts was revealed and it looks great, just as explosive as ever and features a canine ally.

Microsoft is intending to release 15 new games, within the first year of the consoles release and eight of these will be brand new IP, which is great to hear for those that feel that there was previously too much of a focus on Halo, Gears of War and such, but unfortunately we’ll have to wait until E3 to see what some of these games are.