News – WWE ’12 announced, WWE SmackDown vs. Raw is no more

June 1, 2011 by  
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A lot of us have enjoyed the WWE SmackDown vs. Raw series over the years, although even the most hardcore of fans will admit that it has been feeling stale for quite some time. Well, according to THQ this could be about to change, with the SmackDown vs. Raw series now being retired, and in its place we have the simply titled WWE ’12.

WWE ’12 sounds like it could be everything that fans have been hoping for, with headline features such as a brand new animation system. You’ll now be able to interrupt any single move in the game, meaning you aren’t left sitting there waiting for the animations to completely play out.

There’s also a new submission system, the pinning system has been altered so that kicking out is more difficult, the grapples (which are once again controlled by the face buttons) are similar to Fire Pro Wrestling, in which the moves that you’ll pull off are based on the state of your opponent. Also, the game is said to have broadcast style camera views, you’ll be able to target and damage the limbs of your opponents, Dynamic Comebacks allow you to act like John Cena and make superhero like comebacks, which will reward you with two finishers if you’re successful with a combo. Finally, the AI apparently adapts and learns during matches, and modes such as WWE Universe and Road to WrestleMania are returning, while the community creation features have also wisely been retained.

This all sounds great, and could be something special when it is released later in the year on PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii.

Source: IGN