News – What is Burnout Crash?

April 4, 2011 by  
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The Australian Classification Board has seemingly revealed a new Burnout game. Burnout Crash, as it’s called, is said to be multi-platform and was developed here in the UK (with Criterion being the likely developer) and, well, that’s your lot as far as information about the game goes.

I could be wrong, but could the title suggest that this is a smaller scale Burnout game based around its popular crash mode? Who knows, perhaps we’ll even see it on the likes of Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network? That’s all speculation on my part of course, it could actually be the proper follow-up to the sublime Burnout Paradise.



  • Andy

    I'd definitely buy that. The only thing missing from Burnout Paradise was the excellent crash mode from the previous games.

  • Chris Wigham

    Good to see you on the site, Andy! The crash mode certainly was huge amounts of fun. Chaos and destruction are perfect partners in the Burnout series 🙂

    I'd certainly like to see the mode back in one form or another.