News – Way of the Samurai 4 gets release date

June 14, 2012 by  
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PS3 exclusive Way of the Samurai 4 is heading to Europe in September, publisher NIS America has announced.

The game takes place towards the end of the Edo period in the middle of the 19th century. The protagonist is a Ronin, a Samurai lacking a master and you’re able to have a say in how his character and the story unfold, with the quests and missions that you decide to undertake  having a bearing on your relationship with three feuding factions and also ultimately determining the ending that you’ll receive.

You’re able to customize your character and there’s a huge array of weaponry for him to wield, with swords, guns and such on offer, each of which are customizable.

In somewhat of a strange but nevertheless intriguing twist, characters from other players games can invade your world and by defeating them, you’re able to win their equipment.