News – Watch Dogs release date and special editions detailed

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Ubisoft’s ambitious open world game, Watch Dogs is coming on the 22nd of November, at least on PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U and PC anyway. The game is also set to be a PS4 launch title and looks to be heading towards the next Xbox as well.

The game will also have four special editions on offer. There’s a GAME exclusive Special Edition, which comes with the Breakthrough Pack, which tasks you with driving around the city to find scramblers and destroy them. Completion of the mission will reward you with the vehicle expert perk allowing you to get discounts on certain cars and even free cars through an underground car contact.

watch dogs special edition -

The Uplay Exclusive Edition meanwhile will be exclusive to Ubisoft’s Uplay website and on offer will be the Breakthrough Pack and two other packs: the Signature Shot Pack tasks you with stealing a weapon and will unlock the Biometric Assault Rifle and the black viceroys gang colours outfit. The Palace Pack on the other hand,  sees you breaking into a palace to wipe hard drives containing data on thousands of people and then escaping before a police raid begins and completion of the mission will reward you with an investigation bonus, which grants you more investigative opportunities within the network databanks and a ATM hack boost, which allows you to receive more money when you hack bank accounts .

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The Vigilante Edition will be a GAME exclusive in the UK and a Gamestop exclusive in Ireland and will consist of a soundtrack, the Palace Pack and a replica of protagonist Aiden Pearce’s baseball cap and mask.

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Finally The Dedsec Edition will be on sale at various retailers and will comprise of The Breakthrough, Signature Shot and Palace Packs, a soundtrack, an artbook, badges collectible cards, a map and a 23cm Aiden Pearce figure.

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In other Watch Dogs news, the PS3 and PS4 versions of the game will feature 60 minutes of exclusive content.