News – The Gunstringer announced

February 2, 2011 by  
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Splosion Man developer Twisted Pixel Games have revealed a brand new game. The Gunstringer has been designed for use with Microsoft’s Kinect and is a bizarre mixture of puppets and westerns. Well, this is Twisted Pixel that I’m talking about, did you expect something normal? I certainly didn’t!

“Through a bunch of on stage performances, you get to marionette the Gunstringer through an awesome western themed revenge story filled with action, drama, and mildly creepy puppet love. Having being raised from the dead by an invisible string-pulling force, the Gunstringer has only one goal – to seek revenge on the rag-tag posse that put him underground in the first place.” Said Twisted Pixel’s Dan Teasdale in a blog on the official site.

“The Gunstringer marries all of this with really fresh and fun gameplay mechanics. From the start of this project, we’ve focused on getting across the feel of marionetting a puppet’s movement through a 3D world, then mixing that with the fun and mayhem of targeting-focused shooters like Rez. One minute you’ll be navigating the Gunstringer over tricky ravines or towards secret paths, the next you’ll be ducking behind cover to take out a half-dozen clockwork alligators with your six shooter.”

“Most importantly, you can aim and move with precision not seen in any of the Kinect launch titles, and with a speed and feel that’s just not possible with a traditional controller.”

What’s more is that the game has been designed with a core audience in mind. Forgoing any mini games and even allows you to play it whilst lounging in your favourite chair. This all sounds great and I certainly thought that Kinect was due some fresh game announcements. The first trailer can be viewed below.