SunFlowers announced for PlayStation Vita

August 23, 2012 by  
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SunFlowers has been announced for PlayStation Vita, a game that is all about growing flowers using chain-reactions.

Now, I can’t think of many games in which you control the sun, but SunFlowers is set to be one of these games. Controlling the sun, then, you are able to sprout flowers. You have the ability of shooting sun rays through clouds, turning them into water, and helping the various plants (330 of them are included in the game) to grow. You’ll have to be careful with firing those sun rays as, if you miss the clouds, they can hit and burn the flowers.

You can also expect different seasons – autumn for example will see leaves covering your flowers, which you are able to get rid of by shaking your Vita. The game will also catalog the flowers that you grow in a virtual garden, of which you’ll be able to give to your friends, or to others via the Near functionality.

SunFlowers is due for release in the autumn on PlayStation Vita.