News – Steel Diver European release in early May

April 5, 2011 by  
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3DS submarine game Steel Diver was missing from the European launch line-up, but Nintendo have now announced a May 6th release.

Steel Diver will feature three modes. Mission mode will have you avoiding nasty obstacles and enemies. Periscope Strike makes use of the 3DS’ gyroscope sensor to find and destroy enemy ships. According to the press release, with the 3DS screen it really is like looking through a periscope! Which could be true of course, but it could also be PR rubbish. Finally, the Battleships inspired Steel Commander mode is all about strategy, in which hiding your own ships and destroying the enemies is the order of the day. This mode can also be played in multiplayer via Download Play, taking it in turns to sink each other’s ship or playing against the AI.

There’s touch screen controls and even a realistic interior view of a submarine.