News – SSX has an online pass, but you can still play online without one

January 31, 2012 by  
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EA has announced that SSX has an online pass, although it’s an online pass with a difference.

Whereas many games lock you out of the online multiplayer altogether, SSX’s online pass will actually allow you to play both the online Explore and Global Events modes without one.

EA has decided to lock out any of the credits (used to purchase new gear) you ordinarily would receive when playing online, meaning you’ll have to redeem your code or purchase an online pass to be given access. If you don’t get your online pass working straight away, the credits will build up and then be stored, waiting for you to make use of the online pass to get hold of the lot.

The online pass was of course introduced so that publishers could make money out of the used games market. New purchases come included with a redeemable code, although more often than not a second hand copies code would have already been redeemed, thus the only option being to purchase an online pass if you want to access some of the locked content.

SSX is due for release in early March on PS3 and Xbox 360.