News – Sleeping Dogs October DLC announced

September 24, 2012 by  
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October will see the arrival of a lot of Sleeping Dogs DLC, which is good news for those that just can’t get enough of the game.

There’s a Street Racer pack, which brings three new races to the game, as well as a new motor bike, helmet and leather jacket for hero, Wei. The SWAT pack meanwhile has you patrolling the Hong Kong streets to solve crimes and you’ll also get the SWAT tactical Uniform, which allows Wei to sustain double the amount of damage. Also on offer will be the Tactical Soldier pack, which grants you an assault rifle with a grenade launcher for you to cause havoc with, as well as a tactical uniform. Pricing? There’s unfortunately no word on that important detail for any of the above packs, as yet.

There is also a community gift pack on the way, though the content currently isn’t known, it will however be available for the grand price of nothing, which is always pleasant.