News – Rocksmith’s European release delayed

October 12, 2011 by  
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Ubisoft has announced that upcoming music game Rocksmith has been delayed until next year here in Europe.

The reason for the delay? Apparently it’s due to music licensing and other external factors.

The publisher has also advised against importing the game. The Xbox 360 version is region locked and the PS3 version doesn’t support PAL. You’ll also be unable to purchase downloadable content from the PlayStation Store, being that it is region locked.

Rocksmith is pitched as a music game with a difference, and according to Ubisoft the game will actually teach you how to play the guitar. Inluded is a standard input jack which will allow you to plug almost any guitar into your console. Just remember to think of the neighbours.

Hopefully Ubisoft will announce a firm date soon.

Source: Rocksmith Facebook page