News – Resident Evil 6 to return to the roots of the series?

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Speaking to Rely on Horror at last week’s E3, a Capcom representive seemed to suggest that Resident Evil 6 would be a return to roots for the series, possibly meaning less action and more scares. The representive had the following to say:

“We know that alot of fans want more horror back for the next one, the development team knows that as well and we read a lot of comments, messageboards, and ask for feedback, and there was a lot of critisism about RE5′s focus on action,”

“I think that you’ll like the direction the dev team is shifting for the next one.”

The upcoming release of Resident Evil: Revelations on the 3DS is also a more traditional outing for the series.

Source: Rely on Horror



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  • Jon

    Personally, i thought RE5 was great. My all time favorite, along with most people i know, is RE4. It had the perfect combination of scary and action. The story was amazing. Really got me into the characters. First game thats ever really done that for me. So it is is along the lines of RE4 i cant wait for it to get here.

  • lee

    We all want another Resident evil 4. Best most realistic graphics, creepy atmosphere, believable characters, weapon upgrades, best soundtrack what more can I say?! If you don't agree you can Suck It