News – Resident Evil 6 set to receive yet another patch

January 17, 2013 by  
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Just a month after the previous one, Resident Evil 6 is set to receive another patch, of which will address a number of issues and add in some new options.

The Agent Hunt mode will now be available without having to complete the game first. For those unfamiliar with it, Agent Hunt allows you to take control of a mutation in the games of others.

New options include being able to select the stage and region, with other options such as infinite ammo and friendly fire also selectable.

Once completed, you’ll also be able to select individual stages within each chapter to begin from.

Finally, the QTE assist option will be available when playing on any difficulty level, and some areas in the game have had their difficulty adjusted.

The patch is due on January 22nd. We’ll have a review of the very polarising Resident Evil 6 soon.