News – Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 announced for autumn

May 13, 2011 by  
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There’s no thing surer than the return of Pro Evolution Soccer every year, and 2011 is no exception. This year the focus is on the attacking play.

The AI is said to be improved and will make runs and offer support during one-on-on situations, making dummy runs to draw defenders away, and the teams now apparently feel the most cohesive they ever have on Konami’s virtual pitch.

As for defence, You’ll have to really put the boot in and work to get clear of the tighter AI defenders, and a cursor system has also been added, in which you’ll be able to switch players with the right stick, choosing any single player on the pitch. Giving you quicker switching and instant control of a player could certainly make for a more exciting and skillful game of football, and will certainly be handy in situations such as throw-ins, goal kicks, free kicks and corners.

The physical portion of football hasn’t been ignored – defenders muscle their way to earn possession of the ball, and strikers and play makers make use of unique attributes to hopefully show their markers up. And it sounds as if players can fall down onto the grass in different ways dependent on the position they collide, which is always a good laugh.

“Team work is what separates the world’s greatest teams from their peers, and is the hub of everything within PES 2012,” Said Shingo ‘Seabass’ Takatsuka, the Creative Producer of the series.

PES 2012 focuses on the core elements of top-level football: attacking play, freedom of movement, the creation of space, and working together as a unit both up field and in defence. These elements combine to create a game that flows and ebbs like a real match, with individual shows of brilliance changing a game, and more control over every aspect of play within a wide-ranging yet instinctive control system. PES 2012 will turn the heads of fans everywhere.” The Pro Evolution Soccer main man added.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 is due for release in the Autumn on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PSP and PS2.