News – PlayStation 4 announced

February 21, 2013 by  
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As expected, Sony has announced their next generation console and it hardly comes as a surprise that it’s called the PlayStation 4.

The new console is based on PC architecture and will feature two teraflops of performance and 8GB of memory and its impressive capabilities have already resulted in some beautiful games that were demonstrated at Sony’s big event, some of which will presumably be early games for the console.

The console itself wasn’t shown, though the DualShock 4 controller was. It looks pretty much along the lines of previous versions of the controller, with the familiar button placement and design that Sony has now used for years, albeit with the addition of a front touchscreen and a light bar sensor that identifies players. There’s also a share button that allows you to record your last few minutes of gameplay and upload it for others to view.

The console will also come accompanied with a new PlayStation Eye camera. Unsurprisingly this is an improvement over the previous version, with dual camera lenses allowing it to see more of a players space and in turn, being able to better track your motions . There are four microphones that are said to allow it to accurately determine who’s speaking and there’s face recognition as well.

As for Gaikai’s involvement in the console, there will be demos that you’re able to stream, whilst you’ll also be able to stream past PlayStation brand games. Streaming gameplay to your friends on Facebook and such will also be a possibility.

Meanwhile you can upload and download games even while the system is on standby and games are even playable whilst they’re still downloading. There’s also a suspend and resume function, giving you the chance to pick up a game from exactly where you  left off.

Remote play on the other hand will allow you to play PS4 games on Vita and Sony hopes that every game from the new format will eventually be playable on its smaller brother.

No word on the all important price or a specific release date, as yet.