News – Next Xbox rumours

January 26, 2012 by  
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Rumours suggest that the next Xbox will make use of Blu-ray, that’s according to a report on Kotaku.

The site also suggests that the Xbox 360 successor will include something that will restrict or no longer allow you to play used games. A smaller controller is apparently in the works, and as for hands-free control, well a new version of Kinect will be launched which will feature an on-board processor, delivering more accuracy.

Earlier this week, IGN also reported that Microsoft’s next console will be around 6x more powerful than the Xbox 360 with a graphics chip based on that of the Radeon HD 6670, although Kotaku claim that this could be closer to 8x more powerful. Of course this is all speculation – no one apparently has access to development kits as of yet.

The new console is apparently set for a late 2013 release. Perhaps things will become clearer at this year’s E3.