News – Kinect Fun Labs launched

June 6, 2011 by  
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Kinect Fun Labs has only been announced today at Microsoft’s E3 Conference, although it’s already available as a free download. Kinect Fun Labs, developed by Good Science Studio, looks to be a fun manner in which to play around with your Kinect. It will also be showcasing clever mods that people have come up with.

It’s possible to scan yourself with Kinect Me for example, and Kinect will pick up your features, unveiling a cartoon avatar of yourself.

Also in there is Kinect Sparkler, which gives you the freedom of finger tracking and to create 3D images by capturing two images of yourself and making use of a sparkler effect. These images can then be shared on if you’re brave enough.

Finally, Kinect Googly Eyes allows you to scan objects, which then appear in your TV sceen, of which you can bring to life with your body movements.