News – Guild 01 announced

October 14, 2011 by  
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Level-5 has announced a new game for 3DS – well four games actually.

Guild 01 is apparently four games in one, with each game being designed by four different creators.

Final Fantasy XII producer Yasumi Matsuno contributed Crimson Shroud, which has been described as a dark fantasy RPG.

Suda51 has put his name to Kaiho Shojo, which is apparently a 3D shooter in which you take control of a robot and you shoot down nasty demons.

Rental Bukiya de Omasse comes from comedy group America Zarigani’s Yoshiyuki Hira. It’s an RPG in which you play as a weapon shop owner.

Finally, Air Porter is designed by Yoot Saito, who created Seaman on the Dreamcast. His contribution to Guild 01 has you managing baggage, and through your success the airport will expand.

Will we see such a curio in the West? Nothing has been announced about such a release as of yet.

Source: Andriasang