News – Far Cry enters the Stone Age in new game

October 11, 2015 by  
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Whether on a tropical island, in Africa, in the Himalayas or even in a retro-inspired future, Far Cry has proven to be a consistently good series, and now the series is going back into the past with Far Cry Primal, which is a collaborative development between Ubisoft Montreal, Ubisoft Toronto and Ubisoft Shanghai.

The newest spin-off in the series is the first game to be set in the Stone Age, which means that mammoths and saber tooth tigers are some of the enemies that you’ll come across in the huge world that is the land of Oros. Being that the events of the game take place in 10,000 BC, guns and motorized vehicles won’t be available to you. In regard to weapons, you’ll get your hands on the likes of spears, clubs, axes and bow and arrows. Weapon crafting is once again an option in the game.

As for the story, the protagonist is TAKKAR, a hunter who becomes the soul survivor of his tribe. His mission is then to continue surviving in the savage world, making a statement for Mankind at the same time.

There’s not too long to wait, as Far Cry Primal is scheduled to be released worldwide on February 23rd on PS4 and Xbox One. A PC release is also set for March.



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