News – Fable III DLC Announced

November 15, 2010 by  
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Fable III is receiving its first chunk of DLC on November 23rd.  It’s called the Understone Quest Pack and will be priced at 400 Microsoft Points.

It takes place within a town underneath Bowerstone, of which acts like any other town featured in the main game. So you can buy things from shops, buy buildings and such.

The main quest will see you exploring Understone to find out about about the voice that is controlling the townsfolk and there’s a decision that will have two dramatically different outcomes.

There’s also a shooting range and the wheel of misfortune, both of which allow you to win prizes by beating the set high scores.

Less significant DLC is also arriving on the same day. The Exclusive Hair Pack (priced at 160 MSP) allows you to give your hero corn rows, Afro and asymmetrical bob hair styles, whilst the 5 Star Dog Portion (which costs 80 MSP) allows you to grant your dog maxed out ratings in all of his abilities.

Our Fable III Review should be with you in the near future.