News – Dungeon Twister release date and details

June 30, 2012 by  
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PlayStation Network board game adaptation, Dungeon Twister is coming to the service on the 4th of July, Sony has announced.

The developer Hydravision Games has collaborated with the creator of the 2003 board game, Christophe Boelinger, which should result in an authentic virtual recreation of the game.

It’s described as a mixture of Chess and Dungeons and Dragons and you’ll take charge of a team of eight characters, each possessing their own abilities, whilst you’re also able to use portions to grant you further abilities.

You must avoid traps and fend off any attackers along the way. It’s a points based game and being the first to five points will see you emerge victorious. Points are awarded in multiple ways, such as guiding a character to the dungeon exit or killing an opponent, giving you the chance to play with different play styles.

The dungeon features eight rooms, with four contrasting colours. You’re able to rotate each room by using the rotation gear inside and at the same time are also able to manipulate rooms of the same colour to block your opponents path, or open up a new path for you to reach the exit.

There’s a 20 mission training mode included that learns you the basics of the game, but unsurprisingly multiplayer is the best way to play the game. Unlike the board game however, which allows for four players, this version only supports the two, which cuts down the waiting.