News – Dissidia 012 DLC gets lots of DLC

April 14, 2011 by  
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Dissidia 012 (duodecim) Final Fantasy is getting lots of DLC, some of which is available now.

Yesterday saw the release of costumes for Final Fantasy IX’s tailed Zidane and his enemy Kuja (which, as with all DLC outfits cost 59p), next week two song packs (All song packs will set you back 79p), one of which features three musical pieces from FFIX, the other of which features five from the original FF game. The 27th April, will see the ever popular baddie Sephiroth receiving a new outfit to wear, as well as a three song packs for Final Fantasy VII. Finally, released on the 4th May will be a costume for FFVIII’s Laguna, as well as a three song pack of FFVIII.

Dissidia 012 (duodecim) Final Fantasy is already packed to the rafters with content, so how on earth you’ll find space for all of this additional content is beyond me.