News – DeathSpank: The Baconing announced

May 26, 2011 by  
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Hothead Games’ DeathSpank was only released in July last year on Xbox Live Arcade and PSN, and it was followed by a sequel in September, now a third game in the series is to be released this Summer.

DeathSpank: The Baconing has you searching for the Fires of Bacon in order to destroy the thongs. There will be four new bosses, as well as Bob from Marketing, whom is a new character to play alongside and has abillities such as Laser eye beams and can eat dead bodies to restore health, while eating live bodies is also an additional attack option..

You apparently will feel more in control of the combat than previous games, while enemies will be smarter and are capable of flanking you, so be prepared to watch that back of yours. There’s even environmental objects for you to hide behind, now.

Co-op is currently unconfirmed, but it’s very likely that it will make a return.

Source: Kotaku