News – Call of Duty: Elite online service announced

June 2, 2011 by  
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Call of Duty is set to receive a new online service, in which will feature social networking, there will be events and competitions that have real and virtual prizes up for grabs. Below is a rundown of some of the features from the official announcement:

Connect : Call of Duty Elite gives players unprecedented control over their multiplayer experience, transforming it into a true social network. Players can compete against friends, players of similar skill levels and players with similar interests, join groups, join clans, and play in organised tournaments. They can also track the performance, progress and activity of their entire network, both in the game itself, as well as through mobile and web interfaces.  Elite will be an “always on” way for players to connect with the Call of Duty community.
·         Compete: Call of Duty Elite establishes the most exciting, competitive environment in a multiplayer game.  Players will have available a constant stream of events and competitions, tiered to group them with those with similar abilities . Both in-game and real-world prizes will be rewarded to all skill levels.
·         Improve: Call of Duty Elite is like having a personal online coach. It provides players with a dynamic strategy guide that tracks their statistics and performances down to the most minute details.  It can show gamers how they stack up against their friends or others in the community. Tools and information are provided so players can learn and up their game.
Carrying forward to future
Call of Duty games, Elite will chronicle a player’s gameplay history in a cohesive career record, keeping track of every kill, every game and progress.

Apparently, many of the features of the service will be available free of charge, although there will also be a premium service that unlocks extra features. How much more money are Activision wanting out of this already hugely popular brand? Of course it’s entirely up to you whether you pay out or not.

There will be a beta through Call of Duty: Black Ops this summer, although the service will properly go live with the release of Modern Warfare 3 on November 8th.