News – 3DS price to be slashed by around a third

July 28, 2011 by  
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According to Eurogamer, the European 3DS’ price is set to be cut by a third from August 12th.

“Nintendo of Europe will be reducing the European trade price of Nintendo 3DS to retailers by around a third from 12th August 2011, as part of a global trade price reduction initiative,” Nintendo explained to the site.

“The ultimate price to consumers is, of course, determined by retailers, however we look forward to consumers benefiting from much lower retail prices very soon.”

Those who purchased the handheld at the higher price, will be compensated with free downloads of ten NES games, and ten Gameboy and Gameboy Advance games. But you’ll have to connect to the Nintendo eShop before 12th August in order to be eligible.

The major price cut doesn’t come as a huge surprise, as Nintendo has confirmed that the handheld could be doing better.

Source: Eurogamer