Deadpool Remastered for PS4 and Xbox One

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Outside of the Arkham Asylum Batman series, a handful of noteworthy Spider-Man games, and the LEGO-related titles, there really haven’t been a ton of great superhero games to accompany the mind-blowing success of comic films in the past 15 years. But Deadpool, an Activision title released back in 2013 for PC and major consoles, was one that was pretty well received.

Users in particular rated the game highly, widely praising the injection of just the right amount of humour and absurdity into the game. For those who are less familiar with Deadpool as a character, he’s often described as something like “Marvel’s wise-cracking mercenary.” He’s known for a lighthearted and amusing approach to dangerous combat, as well as for breaking the fourth wall to speak to audiences. He does just that throughout this game, which employed constant action, sharp graphics, and a satisfying world to provide a pretty solid overall experience. It didn’t do a whole lot of new things for the superhero genre, but Deadpool’s attitude alone set it apart.

Unfortunately, even if it was superior to a lot of superhero games we’ve seen in recent years, Deadpool wasn’t around very long. In 2013 and 2014, the game disappeared from Steam, Xbox Live, and storefronts. This was not unique to the game, but it certainly didn’t help its long-term popularity given that it came out in 2013. Rather, its disappearance was part of a larger event that saw a number of prominent Marvel titles removed from store shelves, likely due to an expiring licensing deal between the superhero studio and Activision.

Aside from the aforementioned LEGO titles, that’s pretty much been it for Marvel-related games on consoles. Since they began disappearing in 2013, there’s hardly been another major one released, with the comic book and entertainment giant instead turning its attention toward online and mobile gaming markets. There are a number of Marvel superhero-themed slot machine games available online, with character licenses employed to increase the variety for online casino play. Iron Man and other Avengers are popular choices, though it’s worth noting this is a strategy that DC has used, too. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, among others, also appear in online casino game selections. Additionally, Marvel has made a major dent in the app gaming market in the past two years, with a number of popular titles having been released.

But by now, any fan of superhero entertainment should have grown used to the idea that licensing agreements are always changing, shifting, and expiring. And in the midst of that process—and on the eve of a Deadpool film (starring Ryan Reynolds)—it appears that Marvel and Activision will be re-releasing this exciting video game. It’s already made available on Steam once more, and in September it was announced that a re-mastered version will be available for current-gen consoles later this year. For all intents and purposes it appears this will basically be the same game it was in 2013, made sharper for PS4 and Xbox One play, and including all previous DLC (which means some extra levels and alternate uniforms for Deadpool).

This is unlikely to stand up against some of the major new game releases scheduled for later this year, as the final months of 2015 are loaded with enticing new titles. But a re-mastered Deadpool for modern consoles is certainly a game worth paying attention to, as we already know it to be one of the most unique superhero video games out there.



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