Could We Soon Be iGaming on the Xbox?

May 1, 2019 by  
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With the popularity of iGaming continually on the rise, one thing that might seem to hold it back would be running out of gaming platforms for it to take over. We already play and bet with our mobile devices and on our home computers, while some of us still frequent the local bookmaker. It seems though that the progress of iGaming as a trend will not be stopped, with the humble games console the latest platform to give users an opportunity to play.

What will it be like to place a bet using your Xbox controller? How will it compare to existing console games? And will it continue the iGaming popularity surge?

The convenience of mobile gaming

The move to the console platform is unsurprising. What iGaming has given players is the freedom to indulge themselves whenever they so please, and not worry about the logistics of driving to a casino or the inconvenience of playing at a specific time.

The games console is most commonly found in your living room. It is an outlet for you to plug into and relax, taking you away to a different world so that you can forget about the problems in your own. This is the perfect time of day for iGaming, for you to sit back and enjoy your favourite blackjack card game or poker tournament, and it makes sense that you should take part from your console as you please, rather than having to switch to another device. Whether you enjoy playing five hands at once or chatting with friends as you play, console controllers and headsets are very responsive, reliable and easy to use. With advances in iGaming, you can take part in Blackjack UK or international Blackjack Switch tournaments, allowing you to play with millions around the world as you would on Call of Duty or FIFA.

And if you are out, you can carry on playing from your phone. There have been great leaps forward in the profitability and development of mobile games, such that they are challenging the supremacy of the console and other static formats. Combining the two will allow you to game wherever you like, whenever you like, without sacrificing quality. It also provides a way for consoles to mitigate the challenge posed by mobile competition.


Appealing to console gamers

The introduction of Microsoft’s Xbox Live service and particularly its popular Xbox One console in 2013 have changed the state of play for iGaming. A ton of new features and games are now available for console gamers who fancy a flutter. Casino-based games and sports betting are the most popular forms of iGaming and these have translated well onto modern consoles. They were augmented by software providers for the Xbox One and it’s rival PS4 to appeal more on your TV screen, to offer greater perks for players and to entertain more of the masses than ever before.

What could be next?

It’s anyone’s guess which platform might be the next in the sights of the iGaming juggernaut, but there is speculation that the enveloping nature of VR (which has already had a renaissance on consoles) could be the next step. Immersing yourself in an online casino experience, such as a poker tournament, might hark back to the traditional casino atmosphere, and all from the comfort of your living room. VR will assist in this, offering all the perks of mobile gaming while replicating some of the soul of the land-based casino, in a way that previous platforms have been unable to do.

The now-dizzying ascent of the iGaming bandwagon to the top of the mountain is clearly ongoing and console gamers are the next to experience the delights it has to offer. It is very likely that we could be placing our bets with a game controller all too soon.