VRFC PlayStation VR Review VRFC PlayStation VR Review

We’ve had the likes of the brilliant Headmaster, which was one of the early successes of VR, but it was only a matter of time before a proper football... [Read full story]

Octahedron PS4 Review Octahedron PS4 Review

Octahedron is a panic-inducing platformer which becomes increasingly frantic and intense! The story is about a normal guy who is sucked into a flashing... [Read full story]

Fear Effect Sedna PS4 Review Fear Effect Sedna PS4 Review

To say Fear Effect Sedna doesn't hold your hand is a bit of an understatement. Harking back to old school games, the difficulty won't hinder the most hardcore... [Read full story]

Gekibo: Gekisha Boy TurboGrafx-16 Review Gekibo: Gekisha Boy TurboGrafx-16 Review

A bit of a confusing review title really, as I know this game to be called Polaroid Pete for the PC Engine. Gekibo: Gekisha Boy is the Japanese title... [Read full story]

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Xbox One Review Kingdom Come: Deliverance Xbox One Review

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an RPG that focuses on realism in more ways than one. Not only does the game have mechanics that are realistic, but the fact... [Read full story]

Moss PlayStation VR Review Moss PlayStation VR Review

Since being revealed at last year’s E3, Moss quickly became one of the most highly anticipated titles for Sony’s PlayStation VR. The fact that the... [Read full story]

Gravel PS4 Review Gravel PS4 Review

Gravel has been hailed as the return of the arcade racer. The only issue here is that it isn’t exactly the type of arcade racer I expected, as its handling... [Read full story]

The Fall Part 2: Unbound Xbox One Review The Fall Part 2: Unbound Xbox One Review

Having not known much about the game until I randomly played it during one of those many times when I'm not sure what to play, The Fall was a very pleasant... [Read full story]

Pinstripe PS4 Review Pinstripe PS4 Review

Looking a little like something from the mind of Tim Burton comes this eerily dark puzzle/platformer game from developer Thomas Brush. Pinstripe follows... [Read full story]

Samsara Xbox One Review Samsara Xbox One Review

Samsara, in a nutshell, is a puzzle game in which you place planks in order for your main character to reach a warp hole, which is placed somewhere on... [Read full story]

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