Headmaster PlayStation VR Review Headmaster PlayStation VR Review

Sometimes the simplest ideas can be the most fun, and this is definitely true in the case of gaming. There have been tons of games over the years that... [Read full story]

Ace Banana PlayStation VR Review Ace Banana PlayStation VR Review

Ace Banana is probably one of the worst titles that I have played on the PlayStation VR. Whilst graphically the game looks appealing with its cartoonish... [Read full story]

Mantis Burn Racing PS4 Review Mantis Burn Racing PS4 Review

The top down racer has had a number of much cherished and famous titles. Games such as Micro Machines, Super Sprint, Super Skidmarks, and Mashed have been... [Read full story]

RIDE 2 PS4 Review RIDE 2 PS4 Review

Compared to simulation racing games that involve racing cars, simulation games that feature motorcycles are a different thing entirely. Being good at car... [Read full story]

Job Simulator PlayStation VR Review Job Simulator PlayStation VR Review

Simulator games have become notorious in recent years, with the likes of Goat Simulator, Baking Simulator and Surgeon Simulator, amongst others, morphing... [Read full story]

Shu PS4 Review Shu PS4 Review

Shu is a fast paced platformer that places emphasise on running through a level as fast as you can, with the only obstructions being the many traps found... [Read full story]

Firewatch Xbox One Review Firewatch Xbox One Review

Curiously, Firewatch has been compared by many people to a walking simulator, but that isn't entirely the case at all. There are sections in which you... [Read full story]

Manual Samuel PS4 Review Manual Samuel PS4 Review

Now this is one strange game. Taking control of the titular and jobless Samuel, the son of a rich company owner, it’s not long before he is run over... [Read full story]

Virginia PS4 Review Virginia PS4 Review

Playing out much like a film, having camera angles, wide-screen shots and even having a similar length in gameplay time to a feature-length film, Virginia... [Read full story]

Mount & Blade: Warband PS4 Review Mount & Blade: Warband PS4 Review

I was ready to give this game a very low score upon first playing; the tutorial wasn't very good, the animations were stiff, the overall graphics looked... [Read full story]

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